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Ketogenic diet for weight loss

A ketogenic diet, or keto, diet is a low carb diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. By lowering your intake of carbs, the body is induced into a state known as ketosis, a process that the body initiates to help us survive when food intake is low. During this state our body produces ketones produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver, and burns ketones as the primary energy source instead of carbs.

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Mobility training for gains & longevity

Amateur bodybuilders often overlook the importance of mobility training. Not only does mobility training provide increased flexibility, it can also help you add size and longevity to both your physique and your career. Unfortunately, I've heard many people say they do not have the time to add mobility work to their training, or they are simply not motivated to do the work. Let me tell you why skipping mobility work is a huge mistake for the dedicated bodybuilder.  

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Stimulants and performance

New recent studies show that the regular consumption of stimulants, such as the caffeine commonly found in coffee, tea, and pre-workout supplements, can actually reduce training performance and negate the positive effects of pre-/intra-workout caffeine supplementation.

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The 5 mistakes of the beginner deadlift

#1: The “A-Frame”

This is ground zero for improper deadlift mechanics and undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes seen in lifters taking the deadlift on its maiden voyage. The “A-Frame” refers to a valgus angle at the knee. This basically means that the lifters’ knees do not track in line with the toes so that the angle to the hips creates the shape of the letter “A.”

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The ultimate meal replacement shake

What makes a great meal replacement shake? A true meal replacement should provide everything that you would be missing in a well-balanced, solid meal. It should be quick, easy, balanced, and not make you feel sluggish. Although it would be too much to expect it to taste like a chocolate milk shake from your local fast food joint, it should taste decent. Your shake should also be rich in vitamins and minerals while matching your meal macronutrient count. 

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Therapists For Covid

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